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March 16, 2016

Gradle Goodness: Set VCS For IntelliJ IDEA In Build File

When we use the IDEA plugin in Gradle we can generate IntelliJ IDEA project files. We can customise the generated files in different ways. One of them is using a simple DSL to configure certain parts of the project file. With the DSL it is easy to set the version control system (VCS) used in our project.

In the next example build file we customise the generated IDEA project file and set Git as the version control system. The property is still incubating, but we can use it to have a proper configuration.

// File: build.gradle
apply plugin: 'groovy'
apply plugin: 'idea'

idea {
    project {
        // Set the version control system
        // to Git for this project.
        // All values IntelliJ IDEA supports
        // can be used. E.g. Subversion, Mercurial.
        vcs = 'Git'

Written with Gradle 2.12 and IntelliJ IDEA 15.