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September 10, 2008

Using JTattoo look-and-feel with NetBeans

NetBeans is a normal Java Swing application. This means we can use different look-and-feel packages available for Swing to change the default look-and-feel. I like the JTattoo look-and-feel package. JTattoo provides several themes we can use.

To use JTattoo with NetBeans we must first download the JAR file. Next we must give some startup parameters when we start NetBeans. First we must add the JTattoo.jar file to the classpath with -cp:p JTattoo.jar. Next we must define the look-and-feel we want to use with the --laf startup parameter.

Suppose we saved the JTattoo.jar file in d:/java/look-and-feel/JTattoo.jar and we want to use the AluminiumLookAndFeel class we must start NetBeans with the following command:

netbeans -cp:p d:/java/look-and-feel/jtattoo.jar --laf com.jtattoo.plaf.aluminium.AluminiumLookAndFeel

Or try other look-and-feels: