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June 2, 2008

Change the font in the output window in NetBeans

On my Windows system the output window in NetBeans shows all text in Courier New font. This is the so called monospace font of the JDK running NetBeans:

We can change this monospace font so the text in the output window will be shown with the changed font. We must go to the JDK directory which is used to start NetBeans. In the jre/lib directory is a file with the name We make a copy of this file and name it We can open the new file in a text editor and look for the line with the text monospace.plain.alphabetic. We can change Courier New to another font name, for example Monaco. The following screenshot shows the Monaco font in NetBeans:

A side effect is that all monospace fonts in all Java applications started with the JDK have the same changed font...