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February 11, 2024

IntelliJ HTTP Client: Using In-Place Variables

The built-in IntelliJ HTTP Client is very useful for testing HTTP requests and responses. If we want to define a variable in our .http file that is only used in this file and will not change per environment we can define it using the following syntax: @<variable name> = variable value. The variable is an in-place variable and the scope of the variable in the current .http file. The variable is immutable and can only be defined with a value once and cannot be overwritten. To refer to the variable we use the syntax {{<variable name>}}.

In the following example we define a variable with the name base-url and the value

# We define an in-place variable "base-url"
# to be used in this file.
@base-url =

### GET HTML page
GET {{base-url}}/html

### GET XML page
GET {{base-url}}/xml

### GET JSON page
GET {{base-url}}/json

### GET UUID4 response
GET {{base-url}}/uuid

Written with IntelliJ 2023.3.3.