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April 22, 2015

Awesome Asciidoctor: Display Keyboard Shortcuts

When we want to explain in our documentation which keys a user must press to get to a function we can use the keyboard macro in Asciidoctor. The macro will output the key nicely formatted as a real key on the keyboard. The syntax of the macro is kbd:[key]. To get the desired output we must set the document attribute experimental otherwise the macro is not used.

In the next Asciidoctor example file we use the keyboard macro:

= Keyboard macro

With the keyboard macro `kbd:[shortcut]`
we can include nicely formatted keyboard

// We must enable experimental attribute.

// Define unicode for Apple Command key.
:commandkey: ⌘

Press kbd:[{commandkey} + 1] or kbd:[Ctrl + 1] 
to access the _Project_ view.

To zoom out press kbd:[Ctrl + -].

Find files with kbd:[Ctrl + Alt + N] or kbd:[{commandkey} + Shift + N].

When we transform this to HTML with the built-in HTML5 templates we get the following output:

Written with Asciidoctor 1.5.2.