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February 5, 2013

Using NTLM Credentials with Subversion in IntelliJ

Currently I am working on a project for a client where we use Subversion, with automatic authentication based on the Windows NTLM credentials. To use this in Jetbrains IntelliJ IDEA we must add extra system properties to the startup of IntelliJ. We add the properties svnkit.http.ntlm and svnkit.http.methods. In the bin directory of the IntelliJ IDEA installation path we have a file idea.exe.vmoptions. Here we can add the extra system properties:

# File: bin/idea.exe.vmoptions

If we don't do this we get a dialog box where we have fill in the username and password. But we don't want to, because the NTLM credentials should automatically be used for authentication. I found the solution on Stackoverflow.