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July 30, 2009

Debugging single nodes in Yahoo! Pipes

With Yahoo! Pipes we can aggregate, change and mashup content from around the web. We build the pipes with an application running in our web browser. Each pipe consists of a source and output, but in between we can use different operations. With the Debugger window we can see the intermediate results of the pipe so we can verify the results of the operations.

Suppose we have a simple pipe, which gets the items from this blog, sorts it based on the title field and then gets the last 5 results. So see the results of the sorts operation we must select the Sort node. The Debugger window will now show the sorted content:

And to see the results of the Tail operation we must select the Tail node and look at the Debugger window:

Another way to see the output is clicking on the Debugger tab. The Yahoo! Pipes builder opens a popup window with a list of all nodes. We only have to select the node from this list to see the output in the Debugger window: