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April 3, 2009

Install Grails plugins in NetBeans

Update for NetBeans 6.7.1

The great thing about Grails is that we can extend Grails easily with plugins. Plugins extend Grails with new functionality in a Grails way. To install a plugin for our Grails application is NetBeans is easy.

In NetBeans we right-click on the application in the Project Navigator:

We select the option Plugins from the pop-up menu and NetBeans opens a dialog window where we can see which plugins are already installed for our application and a tab page New plugin. When we click on the New Plugin tab we get a list of available plugins. We can select the plugin we want (for example Searchable) and click on the Install button:

The plugin is now downloaded and installed in our appliation:

When we return to the Installed tab we see our newly installed plugin: