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March 12, 2008

Useful links for Flex reference

Just recently I started developing with Adobe Flex 3.0. I am still in the read-all-I-can-and-absorb phase. During my reading and searching I discovered some useful pages. I post the pages here so I will not forget them.

Component Explorer
Very useful to see which components are available in Adobe Flex. Good reference because we see the components "live" in a Flex applications. Also the addition of the effects helps a lot to play around with.

Style Explorer
I don't like the default look-and-feel of a Flex application. So the first thing I do is to change the styles. With the Style Explorer we can play around and change a lot of settings and immediately see the result. And when we are happy with the result we can get the correct CSS and use it in our applications.

API Documentation
What can I do with a component? What events are dispatched? We find answers to these questions in the API documentation.