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March 14, 2008

Fun @ the command prompt

I really like to spend my days at the command prompt. But the default Windows command prompt is not so exiting. It is just a square box where we can typ our commands. With Console2 we can change this. Console2 is a graphical shell around command processors. We can choose any command processor we want. For example cmd.exe, but also Cygwin or 4NT. The nice thing is we can use tabs! This way we don't clutter the taskbar with different command prompt entries, but simply use the tabs to switch between command prompts. Another nice feature is the transparancy we can set for the Console2 window. The following screenshot shows the background of my desktop shining through to the command prompt. And when the Console2 application has no focus we can even make it more transparant. As we can see in the following screenshot: I always like to have a smile on my face when I am working with my computer and Console2 brings me that smile.