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June 27, 2022

DataWeave Delight: Getting The Ordinal Value For A Number

The dw::core::Strings has a lot of functions to deal with strings. One of the functions is ordinalize that takes a number as argument and returns the ordinal value as string.

The following exmaple shows several numbers transformed to their ordinal values:


%dw 2.0

import ordinalize from dw::core::Strings

output application/json
    "1": ordinalize(1),
    "2": ordinalize(2),
    "3": ordinalize(3),
    "10": ordinalize(10),
    "location": "The restaurant is at the " ++ ordinalize(4) ++ " floor."


  "1": "1st",
  "2": "2nd",
  "3": "3rd",
  "10": "10th",
  "location": "The restaurant is at the 4th floor."

Written with DataWeave 2.4.