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October 23, 2017

PlantUML Pleasantness: Using The Built-in Icons

PlantUML has a built-in icon set we can use in our diagram definitions. The icon set is open source icon set OpenIconic. We refer to an icon using the syntax <&iconName>.We can use an icon everywhere where we can use text in our diagrams.

In the following example we use different icons in different places:


skinparam DefaultFontSize 24
skinparam DefaultTextAlignment center

title <&caret-right> Using icons in PlantUML <&caret-left>

package "Charts <&menu>" as charts {

    file bar [


    file pie [




When we generate a diagram we see the following output:

To get a list of available icons we can use the statement listopeniconic. This will create a diagram with all the icons and their names we can use:


The following image shows all icons that we can use:

Written with PlantUML 1.2017.18.