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October 5, 2017

Awesome Asciidoctor: Using Tab Separated Data In A Table

In a previous post we learned how to use data in CSV and DSV format. Recently we can also include tab separated values (TSV) in a Asciidoctor table. We must set the table attribute format to the value tsv. The data can be inside the document, but also defined in an external file which we add with the include macro.

In the following example markup we have a table with inline tab separated values. A second table includes an external file with tab delimited values:

= Tables

Using the `format` attribute value `tsv` we can
use tab-delimited data for table data.

== TSV table

[format=tsv, options="header"]
Writing tools Awesomeness
Asciidoctor Oh yeah!
MS Word  No!

== Table with external data

// We have an external file with 
// tab-delimited values.


When we convert our Asciidoctor markup to HTML we get the following result:

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