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April 14, 2017

Gradle Goodness: Enable Build Cache For All Builds

Gradle 3.5 introduced the build cache. With the build cache we can share task output between builds on different computers. For example the build output from a continuous integration server can be used on a developer's computer. To use the build cache feature we use the command-line option --build-cache. Instead of using the command-line option --build-cache we can set the Gradle property org.gradle.caching with the value true in the file of our project. To set this property for all our projects we set the property in the file in the Gradle home directory, which is usually at USER_HOME/.gradle/

In the following example we set the property org.gradle.caching in ~/.gradle/

# File: ~/.gradle/

If we want to disable the build cache feature set via the global property we can use the command-line option --no-build-cache to disable the build cache for a particular build.

Written with Gradle 3.5.