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December 5, 2016

PlantUML Pleasantness: Diagrams In Black And White

The default colors of PlantUML use red and yellow to draw the diagram elements. If we want our diagram to be in black, grey and white we can simply set skin parameter monochrome to true. The generated graphical diagram will now have black, grey and white colors.

In the following sample PlantUML definition we set the diagram skin parameter monochrone to true:


' Generated diagram will be in black/grey/white.
skinparam monochrome true

actor User
[Third party application] as ThirdPartyApp

package "Spring Boot Application" {
    rectangle Controllers <<Spring REST controllers>>
    rectangle DataStoreService <<Spring service>>
    rectangle Repository <<Spring repository>>

User --> Controllers
ThirdPartyApp --> Controllers

Controllers --> DataStoreService
DataStoreService --> Repository


The generated diagram looks like this:

Written with PlantUML 8048.