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November 21, 2016

Gradle Goodness Notebook Updated

Gradle Goodness Notebook has been updated. If you have bought the book you can download the latest version for free. The following blog posts have been added:

  • Running Groovy Scripts Like From Groovy Command Line
  • Specify Spock As Test Framework At Initialization
  • Build Script Using Java Syntax
  • Create Objects Using DSL With Domain Object Containers
  • Using Nested Domain Object Containers
  • Inter-Project Artifact Dependencies
  • Lazy Task Properties
  • Methods Generated For Setting Task Properties
  • Adding Custom Extension To Tasks
  • Add Spring Facet To IntelliJ IDEA Module
  • Configure IntelliJ IDEA To Use Gradle As Testrunner
  • Enable Compiler Annotation Processing For IntelliJ IDEA
  • Set VCS For IntelliJ IDEA In Build File
  • Source Sets As IntelliJ IDEA Modules
  • Get Property Value With findProperty
  • Running All Tests From One Package
  • Check The Gradle Daemon Status
  • Lazy Project Property Evaluation
  • Change Gradle Wrapper Script Name
  • Specify Wrapper Version and Distribution Type From Command Line
  • Use Command Line Options With Custom Tasks