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November 11, 2016

Awesome Asciidoctor Notebook Is Updated

I've written a couple of new blog posts about Asciidoctor the last couple of months, so it was time to also update the Awesome Asciidoctor Notebook. If you've downloaded the book before, you can download the latest version. The book is free, so you can download it if you didn't download it before. The following subjects have been added to the new version:

  • Replacements For Text To Symbols
  • Use Counters in Markup
  • Change Level Offset For Included Documents
  • Use Captions For Listing Blocks
  • Customize the Figure Captions
  • Trick To Use Caption Labels And Numbers In References
  • Source Syntax Highlighting With Prism
  • Highlight Lines In Source Code Listings
  • Changing Values for Default Captions
  • Using Ruby Extensions With Asciidoctor Gradle Plugin