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September 14, 2016

Gradle Goodness: Check The Gradle Daemon Status

Since Gradle 3 the Gradle daemon is automatically used to run Gradle. This means Gradle will startup up faster after a first run. Gradle tries to re-use a daemon if it is available. We can check the status of the Gradle daemon processes with the new command-line option --status. We get the status results for the Gradle daemons with the same Gradle version that is used to view the status. So when we use Gradle 3.0 with the --status option we only see the 3.0 Gradle daemons.

The following example shows the sample output of running gradle with the --status option:

$ gradle --status
No Gradle daemons are running.
 28914 IDLE     3.0
 26854 STOPPED  (after being idle for 22 minutes and to reclaim system memory)

Only Daemons for the current Gradle version are displayed. See

Written with Gradle 3.0.