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January 29, 2016

Grails Goodness: Getting More Information About A Profile

Since Grails 3.1 we can use the profile-info command to get more information about a profile. We see which commands are added to our project by the profile and which features can be chosen when we create a new application with the profile.

Suppose we want to know more about the rest-api profile then we invoke the profile-info command:

$ grails profile-info rest-api
Profile: rest-api
Profile for Web API applications

Provided Commands:
* create-controller - Creates a controller
* create-domain-resource - Creates a domain class that represents a resource
* create-functional-test - Creates an functional test
* create-integration-test - Creates an integration test
* create-interceptor - Creates an interceptor
* create-restful-controller - Creates a REST controller
* help - Prints help information for a specific command
* open - Opens a file in the project
* gradle - Allows running of Gradle tasks
* clean - Cleans a Grails application's compiled sources
* compile - Compiles a Grails application
* create-domain-class - Creates a Domain Class
* create-service - Creates a Service
* create-unit-test - Creates a unit test
* dependency-report - Prints out the Grails application's dependencies
* install - Installs a Grails application or plugin into the local Maven cache
* assemble - Creates a JAR or WAR archive for production deployment
* bug-report - Creates a zip file that can be attached to issue reports for the current project
* console - Runs the Grails interactive console
* create-script - Creates a Grails script
* list-plugins - Lists available plugins from the Plugin Repository
* plugin-info - Prints information about the given plugin
* run-app - Runs a Grails application
* shell - Runs the Grails interactive shell
* stats - Prints statistics about the project
* stop-app - Stops the running Grails application
* test-app - Runs the applications tests
* generate-all - Generates a controller that performs REST operations
* generate-controller - Generates a controller that performs REST operations
* generate-functional-test - Generates a functional test for a controller that performs REST operations
* generate-unit-test - Generates a unit test for a controller that performs REST operations
* generate-views - Generates a controller that performs REST operations

Provided Features:
* asset-pipeline - Adds Asset Pipeline to a Grails project
* hibernate - Adds GORM for Hibernate to the project
* json-views - Adds support for JSON Views to the project
* markup-views - Adds support for Markup Views to the project
* mongodb - Adds GORM for MongoDB to the project
* neo4j - Adds GORM for Neo4j to the project
* security - Adds Spring Security REST to the project


Written with Grails 3.1.