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August 24, 2015

Groovy Goodness Notebook Is Updated

Groovy Goodness Notebook which contains the Groovy blog posts in an organised form is updated with the following blog posts. If you have purchased the book before you get the update for free.

  •  Relax... Groovy Will Parse Your Wicked JSON
  •  Nested Templates with MarkupTemplateEngine
  •  Use Custom Template Class with MarkupTemplateEngine
  •  Using Layouts with MarkupTemplateEngine
  •  Closure as a Class
  •  Take Or Drop Last Items From a Collection
  •  Getting All But the Last Element in a Collection with Init Method
  •  Getting the Indices of a Collection
  •  Pop And Push Items In a List
  •  Access XML-RPC API
  •  Use Constructor as Method Pointer
  •  Combine Elements Iterable with Index
  •  Swapping Elements in a Collection
  •  New Methods to Sort and Remove Duplicates From Collection
  •  Use Closures as Java Lambda Expressions
  •  Share Data in Concurrent Environment with Dataflow Variables