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June 4, 2014

Awesome Asciidoctor: Which Asciidoctor Version is Used?

When we create documentation using Asciidoc and Asciidoctor we can access the built-in attribute asciidoctor-version to see which version of Asciidoctor is used to generate the documentation.

We can reference built-in attributes like any other attributes, so we enclose the name of the attributes with curly braces ({attributeName}). In the following sample we simply print out the Asciidoctor version that was used to generate the content:

.Use built-in attribute asciidoctor-version
Document generated with Asciidoctor {asciidoctor-version}.

And we get the following HTML content once we have generated HTML from our Asciidoc source code:

Code written Asciidoctor 0.1.4.