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June 3, 2013

Work in Progress on Groovy Goodness Notebook

Last year at the Gr8Conf Europe people approached me and asked if I would publish a "book" with my blog posts. This seemed like a nice idea to do, so I started already last year, but because of time constraints, a new born and writing Gradle Effective Implementation Guide I never finished.

This year at the Gr8Conf I spoke to some people and they indicated it would be nice to have a book with the blog posts. It could just be a bundle of all blog posts about Groovy Goodness and that would be a great resource. So now I am determined to finish this project this week.The book will contain all Groovy Goodness blog post listed chronologically. I will make small changes were applicable so the code is still readable on paper, but the content will mostly be the same as on this blog.

Here is a preview PDF, epub and mobi file with the first couple of blog posts bundled as a book.