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October 9, 2012

Groovy Goodness: Getting the First and Last Element of an Iterable

Since Groovy 1.8.7 we can use the first() and last() methods on Iterable objects. With the first() method we get the first element and with the last() method we get the last element:

def list = 0..100

assert list.first() == 0
assert list.last() == 100

def abc = 'abc' as Character[]

assert abc.first() == 'a'
assert abc.last() == 'c'

def s = ['Groovy', 'Gradle', 'Grails', 'Rocks'] as Set

assert s.first() == 'Groovy'
assert s.last() == 'Rocks'

(Written with Groovy 2.0.5)