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April 27, 2011

Groovy Goodness: New Dollar Slashy Strings

Groovy already has a lot of ways to define a String value, and with Groovy 1.8 we have another one: the dollar slashy String. This is closely related to the slashy String definition we already knew (which also can be multi-line by the way, added in Groovy 1.8), but with different escaping rules. We don't have to escape a slash if we use the dollar slashy String format, which we would have to do otherwise.

def source = 'Read more about "Groovy" at'

// 'Normal' slashy String, we need to escape / with \/
def regexp = /.*"(.*)".*\/(.*)\//  

def matcher = source =~ regexp
assert matcher[0][1] == 'Groovy'
assert matcher[0][2] == ''

// Dollar slash String.
def regexpDollar = $/.*"(.*)".*/(.*)//$  

def matcherDollar = source =~ regexpDollar
assert matcherDollar[0][1] == 'Groovy'
assert matcherDollar[0][2] == ''

def multiline = $/
Also multilines 
are supported.