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April 27, 2010

Groovy Goodness: Working on Files or Directories (or Both) with FileType

Working with files in Groovy is very easy. We have a lot of useful methods available in the File class. For example we can run a Closure for each file that can be found in a directory with the eachFile() method. Since Groovy 1.7.1 we can define if we only want to process the directories, files or both. To do this we must pass a FileType constant to the method. See the following example code:


// First create sample dirs and files.
(1..3).each { 
 new File("dir$it").mkdir() 
(1..3).each { 
 def file = new File("file$it")
 file << "Sample content for ${file.absolutePath}"

def currentDir = new File('.')
def dirs = []
currentDir.eachFile FileType.DIRECTORIES, {
    dirs <<
assert 'dir1,dir2,dir3' == dirs.join(',')

def files = []
currentDir.eachFile(FileType.FILES) {
    files <<
assert 'file1,file2,file3' == files.join(',')

def found = []
currentDir.eachFileMatch(FileType.ANY, ~/.*2/) {
   found <<

assert 'dir2,file2' == found.join(',')