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November 3, 2009

Groovy Goodness: Get Value from Map or a Default Value

The get() method in the Groovy enhanced Map interface accepts two parameters. The first parameter is the name of the key we want to get a value for. And the second parameter is the default value if there is no value for the key.

// Simple map.
def m = [name: 'mrhaki', language: 'Groovy']

assert 'mrhaki' == m.getAt('name')
assert 'mrhaki' == m['name']
assert 'Groovy' == m.language
assert 'mrhaki' == m."name"
assert 'mrhaki' == m.get('name')  // We can omit the default value if we know the key exists.
assert 'Groovy' == m.get('language', 'Java')
assert null == m.get('expression')  // Non-existing key in map.
assert 'rocks' == m.get('expression', 'rocks')  // Use default value, this also creates the key/value pair in the map.
assert 'rocks' ==  m.get('expression')
assert [name: 'mrhaki', language: 'Groovy', expression: 'rocks'] == m

Run this script in Groovy web console.