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October 30, 2009

Groovy Goodness: Invoke Methods Dynamically

In Groovy we can invoke a method with a name assigned to a variable. We use the GString notation to invoke the method with the variable name. We can pass parameters to the method just like when we use the method name directly.

def s = "Groovy is so much fun"
def methods = ['Upper', 'Lower']
def result = methods.collect { s."to${it}Case"() }
assert 'GROOVY IS SO MUCH FUN' == result[0]
assert 'groovy is so much fun' == result[1]

// We can pass parameters just like a normal method invocation.
def method = 'count'
def param = 'o'
assert 3 == s."$method"(param)  // s.count('o').