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August 25, 2008

Fireshot for making a screenshot of an complete web page

It is not something I do regularly, but sometimes I want to sent a screenshot of a web page to a client. I prefer to show the real deal, but proxy settings at the client can prefend accessing the real web page. The next best thing is sending a screenshot. Of course it is simple to just press PrintScreen in Windows and save the result to a graphics file. But this will only save the visible part of the web page. What if the web page must be scrolled to see the complete contents? We can scroll ourselves, press PrintScreen again and finally stitch the graphics together to one big graphic file. Sounds boring and cumbersome, so I googled and found Fireshot.

Fireshot can be installed as a Firefox add-on and with a simple mouse click we can make screenshots of our web pages. We can choose to create a screenshot of just the visible part of the page, but also of the not visible part. Fireshot will scroll our page and stitch it all together to one graphic automatically.

Fireshot has a lot of options, like adding text or graphics before saving the file. I don't use them as often, but the simple fact I can now save the complete web page as a screenshot, makes it worth while installing.

The following figure shows a screenshot of the KralenCreatie website (in Dutch) for a page that needs scrolling: