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May 9, 2008

James marks mail as spam if black list server cannot be found

I use James 2.2.0 as an SMTP server for one of my applications. And just recently the mail I tried to sent didn't arrive at the recipients. I looked in the log files and I noticed all mail was put in the spam folder. What happened? Did my server end up in some black list?

In the James configuration there is are entries for several matchers. A matcher is used by James to see what needs to happen what an e-mail. One of the matchers tries to contact to see if the server is used for spam. This is a default matcher and I never changed this. Only recently the server couldn't be contacted anymore, so James decided to mark all e-mails as spam. After I removed this matcher from the configuration file (I am the only one using the SMPT server, so I know it is not spam ;-) ) and restarted James I can happily sent my e-mails again.