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May 19, 2008

Don't make me click video on YouTube

Today I watched Don't make me click, a video presentation by Aza Raskin for GoogleTechTalks, on YouTube. And I really liked it. I personally really like the idea of the news reader, where more data is added to page as the user scrolls down the page. I can implement this for example for a website I am working on with search results. On the website the user can search for products, and now I use the "classic" page numbering and forward/backward buttons. Personally I usually want all results on one page, because I can never predict which results are on page 5 of 10. I can only see this by clicking on the link and find out. And most of the time it doesn't contain the correct information. Scrolling down is more natural and gives the feeling of a long list with search results. The context of the search results is always there, because all results are on the same page. In the past the length of the page could be a problem because Internet connections where slow. But still if the page would contain a lot of search results, the solution of dynamically adding the results to the page while scrolling down (as shown in the video) is very useful.

Another thing I liked and I will implement on the website is the zooming interface. For the same website users can browse products by product category. The first page shows the main categories, the user click's on the category link and a new page is shown with the products in the category or even other categories. And so on and so on. Basically this is zooming in on categories. Zooming out would also be easy to go up the category hierarchy. The calendar zooming example in the video can be used for this scenario.

I will start prototyping this solutions and will keep you posted for the results.